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About Us

Delivery. Focused.

We are a lean consultancy, providing agility and flexibility, rather than red tape and complex process. We work in small specialist "squads", rather than huge, resource wasteful development teams.


We provide bespoke software development and consultancy services, with a focus on delivery. We take a pragmatic approach and strive towards simple and maintainable solutions.

We have a track record of turning complex business requirements into sustainable, scalable, and valuable software systems.

What We Do

Deliver. Always.



Infrastructure & DevOps Consultancy

Build out "infrastructure as code" on top of AWS, with Terraform. Provide scaling and performance consultancy.


Crossref Logo

Clojure Consultancy

Provide specialist Clojure knowledge for a large project involving ElasticSearch, Kafka, AWS, and MongoDB.

Novotronix Ltd


Graphic Design, UI & UX Consultancy

Provided graphic design expertise and delivered UI & UX improvements to a range of existing software projects and products.

Client. Projects.


Modern Office

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Birmingham, UK

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