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Growing again!

Initial Objectives

At the start of 2020 we formed JHJ Technology. Initially our goal was to transition from working as contractors to offering a cohesive service as a fledgling consultancy.

Reflecting on our progress

We have made a lot of progress over the past two years and given the economic climate it is an achievement to still be winning work and delivering great solutions.

We have continued to build more partnerships, work closely with more staff, and continue to offer a fantastic service to our existing clients.

With our partners Algorithmica and BAGS we have delivered and continue to improve one of our biggest projects to date, RaceTech. Our software is at the heart of the greyhound racing in the UK.

Understanding the problem and coming up with great solutions is what JHJ does, the team are approachable and fantastic communicators to all stakeholders and their technical expertise is second to none.

We have doubled down on Clojure as the core of our development stack, while starting to offer some Kotlin consultancy services and further developed our expertise in AWS, DevOps and serverless.

What next?

It is still a difficult climate to be building a business but we are lucky to have found some fantastic clients. Our first focus is to double down on those relationships and continue to provide excellent service.

Given the time we have ambitions to turn some of our bespoke software into sellable product offerings.

We have started a new venture with our partners, Your Free Web is dedicated to providing small businesses with bespoke web design and development solutions, without up-front cost. This is a different market for us, and one which is particularly saturated, in time we hope that customers will see the value in high quality, up-front cost free, solutions. We are also commited to giving away websites for small businesses.

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