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BAGS or Bookmakers Afternoon Greyhound Service offers gambling-betting services.

Bookmakers Afternoon Greyhound Services Ltd. provides gambling and betting services. The Company offers live and virtual greyhound racing, betting and other relevant information, and horse racing suitable for transmission to licensed betting offices.

Office Worker


- Clojure Software Development
- ClojureScript Software Development
- DevOps and Infrastructure Management



Clojure | ClojureScript | PostgreSQL | Docker | Terraform | AWS S3 / SQS / RDS / MSK / ECS / CloudWatch / Insights

Quotation Marks

Highlights: Saved the business huge sums of money by replacing a legacy thick client application with a modern web based solution, removing the need for large amounts of private network infrastructure.

Understanding the problem and coming up with great solutions is what JHJ does, the team are approachable and fantastic communicators to all stakeholders and their technical expertise is second to none.

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